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Lovinflame stays in Las Vegas for Hospitality Design Expo after positive reception!

May 15, 2019 [Las Vegas, Nevada] — Lovinflame stays in Las Vegas for Hospitality Design Expo after positive reception!

Lovinflame debuts in Japan at DESIGN TOKYO, and its flagship product won the GRAND PRIX of DESIGN TOKYO PRODUCT AWARDS 2019

June 26, 2019 [Tokyo, Japan] — Lovinflame debuts in Japan at Design Tokyo, and its flagship product won the Grand Prix of Design Tokyo Product Awards 2019

Lovinflame's innovative fire wins another global award igniting industry standard.

October 2, 2019 — Lovinflame’s Innovative Fire Wins Another Global Award, Igniting Industry Standard

Our Story - What Inspired Lovinflame

Our story starts with a rocket scientist who discovered a way to completely reconfigure a fire's burning system, achieving near complete combustion and producing vibrant, orange flames. Our mission is to bring the comfort and beauty of a real fire to people all over the world.

Showcasing Innovative Fire Across the Globe

At Lovinflame, we’re slowly making our way across the globe - igniting the fire one by one. With the opportunity to introduce the revolutionary technology behind our innovative tabletop fire pits, fireplaces, and candles, Lovinflame was nothing short of a show stopper!

First Show of 2019: Las Vegas Market

What better way to kick off the new year than to introduce new, cutting-edge products to the market? Earlier this year, the Lovinflame team headed over to the Las Vegas Market, a cross-category showcase that features furniture, home décor, and gifts. Being in a city so bold and flashy, our vibrant Lovinflame fire was sure to fit right in.

Ethanol vs. Lovinflame Fuel: What’s the difference?

Compared to ethanol fuel, our water-soluble, ethanol-free Lovinflame Fuel is relatively safer and poses fewer risks. Watch it in action!

Reflecting and Refueling Our Journey

One year ago, Lovinflame was a different brand, logo, and web presence.  Both our flames and our brand have come a long way. Lovinflame’s decorative flame technology represents the fru…

How Our Flames Set the Right Mood

While humans may vary on their individual definitions of a “nice ambience”, we can all agree on one thing — there’s something undeniably pleasing about the rosy glow of a fire. Enjoying fire…    

Fire That Puts Us At Ease

Nobody is going to disagree with you if you say fire is useful. But you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who agrees that fire is easy to use. That’s a perception we’re trying to change. At …

How Our Innovation is Redefining Fire

While fire has historically played a central role in human development, it continues to be an abhorrent houseguest. Wood fires emit soot, ash, carbon monoxide and all sorts ...

Why Our Decorative Flames are Safer

By definition, fire is a chemical reaction that produces a hot, burning flame. Fire, as an entity, will never be completely ‘safe’.This being said, Lovinflame’s ...

Fire Made Smarter and Safer

Lovinflame, Inc. is redefining fire — introducing vividly brilliant decorative flames that are wind-resistant and clean-burning, using water-soluble, non-toxic, ethanol-free fuel that only ignites when reaching flash point 220°F / 104°C - achieved swiftly when paired with our patented stainless steel wick.

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