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Patented Burning System

Lovinflame’s water-soluble fuel only ignites when reaching flash point 220℉ / 104℃ — achieved swiftly through contact with our patented stainless steel wick, producing elegant, clean-burning flames.



Why It's Revolutionary

Compared to ethanol fuel, our water-soluble, ethanol-free Lovinflame Fuel is relatively safer and poses fewer risks. Watch it in action!


Key Features



Minimize risks associated with flare-ups & fuel spills



Virtually emissions-free,  emits water vapor & CO₂ , no soot



Water-soluble, non-ethanol fuel produces no odor or smoke



Flames don’t blow out easily; ideal for outdoor  use



Free-standing and can be carried anywhere indoor and outdoor



Patented stainless steel wick burns for 2000+ hrs

Powered By Innovation to Give you a Premium Experience

No ethanol 
to ignite the fire!

When a Lovinflame candle is tipped over, the flame is contained to the stainless steel wick. With a high flash point of 104°C/220°F, Lovinflame Fuel poses less risks compared to ethanol fuel such as flare-ups and risks associated with fuel spills.

Ethanol Fuel vs Lovinflame Fuel 

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Kerosene vs Wax vs Lovinflame

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Virtually smokeless
innovative fire!

Our clean-burning fire is virtually smokeless and odorless while burning, minimizing harmful effects so you can enjoy decorative flames with ease.

Enjoy the ambience in
outdoor breezy settings!

Watch this side-by-side demonstration of the Lovinflame tabletop fire pit performing under certain wind conditions. 

Wind-Resistant Fire

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Enhancing the essential ingredient to human life

Fire has been a vital element to human life since early ages with the purpose to provide warmth, illumination, and inspire positive spirit. Ethanol-based flames have been largely used in the past and even now. However, ethanol fuel is proven to have a higher risk due to being highly combustible and releasing harmful chemicals. What if there were an innovative way to make decorative flame safer and less toxic ?

Experience innovative fire in your home

After years of development, Lovinflame is pleased to introduce the revolutionary technology that integrates the use of our water-soluble fuel, proprietary stainless steel wick, and self-cooling system. The stainless steel wick and non-toxic fuel confines the high temperature only at the top of the wick, producing vividly glowing flames and constraining the heat under a safer environment compared to ethanol flames.

Vibrant warmth for thousands of hours

Lovinflame’s stainless steel wick enables the burn time to last for thousands of hours and reach high temperatures while producing very clean combustion. The odorless Lovinflame Fuel is water-soluble with minimal evaporation and therefore can be easily stored and shipped without ADR limitation.


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Fire Made Smarter and Safer

Lovinflame, Inc. is redefining fire — introducing vividly brilliant decorative flames that are wind-resistant and clean-burning, using water-soluble, non-toxic, ethanol-free fuel that only ignites when reaching flash point 220°F / 104°C - achieved swiftly when paired with our patented stainless steel wick.

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