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We at Lovinflame would love to share how our patented technology is changing the way the world enjoys fire! If you would like to chat about our story, how we’re growing, and how people everywhere are excited about Lovinflame products, we would love to chat with you. 

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Casual Living, outdoor living

June 2020

Lovinflame Mist Glass Candle Featured As Modern Industrial Design 

Yanko Design dedicates to covering the best in international product design and selected Lovinflame candle to feature on their platform.

Casual Living, outdoor living

June 2020

Ranked #2 in Best Outdoor Freestanding Fireplace

Seriously Smoked recommends the Lovinflame Vent-Free Fireplace as an excellent option for anyone looking to furnish their patio with a fireplace at a fraction of the cost of other models.


April 2020

Award-Winning Fire For Non-Toxic, Environmentally-Friendly Flame

Lovinflame aims to subvert the old fire habits such as alcohol lamps and fireplace firewood, so people can enjoy non-toxic flames with peace of mind, and experience the warmth and romance that the flame brings.


February 2020

Cherish Your Dream Honeymoon Moments With Lovinflame Fire

Marie Claire Korea features Lovinflame Vent-Free Fireplace as the must-have item to create an everlasting lifetime memory for your honeymoon getaway.

Casual Living, outdoor living

January 2020

Portable Fireplace Great for Easily Transforming Interior Space

If you want something unusual and lyrical, look at the Lovinflame fire. The portable fireplace is easier to move and safer than a wall-mounted fireplace, and creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Casual Living, outdoor living

December 2019

Lovinflame's Seasonal Candle Featured as Post of the Week

Every week, Casual Living features an outstanding Instagram post from casual companies doing it right! This week, we spotlight Lovinflame for its holiday posts.

Mama Dews, Home decor

December 2019

Modern Home Decor, Why I Love Lovinflame

When that mood strikes I choose Lovinflame, a beautiful set of modern candles, made of ceramic that uses fuel instead of traditional wax and wicks.

USAPool Direct, outdoor living

November 2019

Reinventing the Flame with Lovinflame

Imagine being able to bring a flame with you anywhere you want, indoors and outdoors? Fire Bans and restrictions no longer apply! USAPool Direct is proud to offer Lovinflame, the best fire technology on the market.

KUTV news, home decor

September 2019

Spotlight on Lovinflame in Home Tech Segment

KUTV highlights home products in their tech report that are perfect for homes that need a makeover.

Casual Living, outdoor living

September 2019

Casual Living Gets the Scoop On Lovinflame's Burning System

Allen Phan of Lovinflame talks with Casual Living Editor Adelaide Elliott about the company's proprietary burner system, which uses non-combustible fuel that can be shipped with no restrictions.

Giftbee, mist glass candles, home decor

August 2019

Creative Gifts Interior Designers Will Love

Lovinflame's Mist Glass Candle is featured as one of the creative gifts that interior designers will love. Show an interior designer how it's done. Here are some creative yet effective ways to transform an already enviously beautiful home.

Hearth & Home, Outdoor Living

August 2019

New Products at the 2019 Las Vegas Market

The voice of the Hearth, Barbecue, and Patio industries. Hearth & Home is a trade journal serving the hearth, barbecue and patio furnishings industries.

Las Vegas Market, Lovinflame

August 2019

Las Vegas Market Pavilions: New Layout, New Lines, Five Destinations

The Pavilions are truly a must-see destination at Las Vegas Market, and the new layout will offer marketgoers a synergistic one-stop-shopping opportunity,” said Jo Ann Miller Marshall, president of tradeshow leasing for International Market Centers.

Las Vegas Market, home decor

May 2019

More Décor to Explore at Las Vegas Market

This summer, The Pavilions at Las Vegas Market also will showcase a number of new and notable home décor resources within the DESIGN HOME, HOME and DISCOVERIES.

Las Vegas Market, Lovinflame

May 2019

Expanded Home Décor Offerings on Tap for Las Vegas Market

Marketgoers can discover design-driven home décor, furniture, and textiles in Design Home. Home showcases accent decor, furniture, linens, and decorative accessories. New-to-Market resources include: Lovinflame (Indoor and outdoor fireplaces, candles).

My reading room, Lovinflame

April 2019

FIRED UP. Ever heard of clean-burning flames that use water-soluble, non-toxic fuel?

Our monthly roundup of the hottest new design products for the home. Lovinflame’s revolutionary technology, thanks to its patented stainless steel wick, offer decorative flames that are also wind-resistant and friendly to the environment.

Home and Decor, Lovinflame, home decor

April 2019

Hot Fire on Home and Decor’s Hot List

Safety and fire? SPH Magazine’s “Home and Decor” figured out it isn't simply a myth and featured Lovinflame’s tabletop fire pit in a hotlist. Launched in 1987, Home & Decor is Singapore's leading and most established decor magazine that prides itself in making stylish living easy.

HIA home show, Lovinflame, outdoor living

April 2019

Eye-Catching, Not Fire-Catching

Lovinflame collaborated with Osmen Furniture at the Sydney Home Show, at the International Convention Center in Sydney, Australia. If you’re after a new fireplace, you won’t leave without one at the HIA Home Show!

Patio & Hearth, tabletop fire pit, Lovinflame

April 2019

Lovinflame Helps Set the Mood

Patio & Hearth Products Report features Lovinflame candles and tabletop fire pits in their product profiles. Find us on page 60, 64, 71, & 79.

Fireplaces Salon, Lovinflame, tabletop fire pit

March 2019

Russia’s popular “Fireplaces and Heating” interviews Lovinflame

At Fireplaces Salon in Moscow, Russia, “Fireplaces and Heating” stops by Lovinflame’s booth and features their Lovinflame Fuel and flame technology in an interview video.

Fupping, Lovinflame, tabletop fire pit, gfit


21 Luxurious Gifts Your Dad Will Love

For dads who love being ahead of the game, the wind-resistant and clean-burning tabletop fire pit is the way to go. Powered by a patented stainless steel wick and non-combustible fuel, Lovinflame’s tabletop fire pit is the epitome of innovative fire technology — and is a must-have for savvy dads.

Patio & Hearth, tabletop fire pit, Lovinflame


Featured in Patio & Hearth

Patio & Hearth Products Report is a trade publication for owners and professionals of specialty casual furniture stores, retailers and dealers of patio, hearth,outdoor-kitchen and outdoor-living products. Find us on page 13..


Good Design Award, Lovinflame Fire Pit


Lovinflame's innovative fire wins another global award, Igniting industry standard 

Lovinflame's Tabletop Fire Pit has won the #1 Grand Prix from the Design Tokyo Products Award and the Industrial Designers Society of America's IDEA, placing as Bronze. The Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit also won Japan's Good Design Award.

Design Tokyo, Lovinflame, Tabletop fire pit

June 2019

Lovinflame debuts in Japan at Design Tokyo, and its flagship product won the Grand Prix of Design Tokyo Product Awards 2019

Lovinflame is introducing its products for the first time in Japan at Booth A16-23 at Design Tokyo, Japan’s leading trade fair for “marketable” design products, where only products curated by a committee of top designers are showcased...

HD expo, hospitality design, interior decor, Lovinflame

May 2019

Lovinflame stays in Las Vegas for Hospitality Design Expo after positive reception!

Lovinflame candles, fire pits, and fireplaces create an ambience like no other. The specialized stainless steel wick and Lovinflame Fuel produce vividly orange flames like no other, bringing an elegant look to any home or outdoor setting. The distinct vibrancy of the flames certainly adds an extra touch of inspiration for designers looking to spice up their work.

National Hardware Show, Lovinflame

APRIL 2019

Lovinflame's new kind of fire debuts at National Hardware Show

Once again, Lovinflame arrives in Sin City for the National Hardware Show. From May 7-9th, a new kind of fire will descend upon curious eyes. Lovinflame breaks every rule in the book when it comes to fire, by creating a safer alternative than the traditional way to burn fire..

Fireplace Salon, Lovinflame, tabletop fire pit

MARCH 2019

Lovinflame sets interior and outdoor decor on fire for the first time in Russia

Lovinflame debuts its products for the first time in Russia at the International Exhibition, Fireplaces Salon, focused on exchanges of experiences with regional and global manufacturers of fireplaces, stoves, and heating equipment.

HPBA, outdoor decor, outdoor living, Lovinflame

MARCH 2019

Lovinflame sets interior and outdoor decor on fire at the largest indoor-outdoor living event of the year

Lovinflame goes to the Lone Star State at the largest indoor-outdoor living event of the year, HPB Expo in Dallas, Texas. Attendees will be the first to spot design trends as they take shape, and see the latest products, services, and tech available in interior and outdoor design

Nook Asia, home decor, home living, Lovinflame

MARCH 2019

Lovinflame sets interior and outdoor decor on fire for the first time in Southeast Asia

Lovinflame debuts its products for the first time in Southeast Asia at NOOK Asia, Asia’s most coveted international platform for fresh interiors. NOOK Asia 2019 will feature a comprehensive range of art, décor, decorative accessories from almost 40 countries.

Korea Build, home decor


Lovinflame debuts at "must-see" exhibition in Korea

Lovinflame debuts at Korea Build, a global top exhibition selected as Korea’s top trade show by their Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. Popularly known as a “must-see” exhibition amongst industry professionals, each year 70-80% of the exhibitors introduce new products and technologies.

Las Vegas Market, home decor, Lovinflame


Lovinflame makes first stop of 2019 at Las Vegas Market!

Las Vegas Market debuts what's cool and cutting-edge in the furniture, home decor, and gift market, and Lovinflame is excited to debut its products at this industry-leading event as a first stop in its 2019 global launch.

Fire Made Smarter and Safer

Lovinflame, Inc. is redefining fire — introducing vividly brilliant decorative flames that are wind-resistant and clean-burning, using water-soluble, non-toxic, ethanol-free fuel that only ignites when reaching flash point 220°F / 104°C - achieved swiftly when paired with our patented stainless steel wick.

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