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May 15, 2019 [Las Vegas, Nevada] — Lovinflame stays in Las Vegas for Hospitality Design Expo after positive reception!

Viva Las Vegas! Coming straight off of the National Hardware Show last week, the response was so fantastic that Lovinflame decided to stay for another week to debut at the Hospitality Design Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from May 15-17th.

The Hospitality Design Expo is the leading trade show for the hospitality design community, attracting professionals that vary from designers to brand executives. This industry puts a hired professional into the driver’s seat to create an atmosphere that caters to unique tastes and needs.

Lovinflame candles, fire pits, and fireplaces create an ambience like no other. The specialized stainless steel wick and Lovinflame Fuel produce vividly orange flames like no other, bringing an elegant look to any home or outdoor setting. The distinct vibrancy of the flames certainly adds an extra touch of inspiration for designers looking to spice up their work.

“We are excited to introduce our product to all of the designers in the world at the HD Expo. It’s a unique look that will truly add warmth to any design,” says Allen Phan, Business Development Manager of Lovinflame.

Unlike wood-burning or ethanol fueled fires, Lovinflame fire features are safe to use both outdoors and indoors, taking on a new approach to interior design. Using proprietary Lovinflame Fuel that does not burn without the use of Lovinflame’s patented wick system, clients can enjoy fire a little safer, now thanks to Lovinflame.

“Lovinflame has created an innovative and safer approach to enjoying fire at home”, adds Phan, “And we’re looking forward to bringing that security, ambience, and peace of mind to people.”

With a flash point over 220ºF, Lovinflame Fuel is classified as a non-flammable material and can be safely stored and transported in unlimited quantities. In contrast to ethanol, which has a flash point of just 55.4ºF and is classified as a hazardous material, Lovinflame is a degradable, water-soluble fuel that can be easily disposed of alongside normal household waste.

All Lovinflame’s thoughtfully architected products feature a lightweight and portable design for both indoor and outdoor use, perfect for setting the mood and for accenting various types of events. Lovinflame’s innovative candles, tabletop fire pits, and vent-free fireplaces are available for purchase in stores across the U.S.— please visit to find out more.

For more information, contact or visit Lovinflame’s booth at 2141.

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