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January 22, 2019 [Las Vegas, Nevada] — Lovinflame makes its first stop of 2019 at Las Vegas Market!

Las Vegas Market debuts what’s cool and cutting-edge in the furniture, home decor, and gift market, and Lovinflame is excited to debut its products at this industry-leading event as a first stop in its 2019 global launch.Lovinflame candles, fire pits, and fireplaces blend one-of-a-kind scientific innovation with sleek design—and they’re wind-resistant and clean-burning to boot! Lovinflame has redefined the combustion process to carve out a new category of fire for interior and exterior design use.

Unlike wood-burning fires that fill the air with carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and a host of other toxic emissions, Lovinflame’s decorative products are clean-burning, odorless, safe, and easy to refuel. The genius lies in the unique relationship between the patented stainless steel wick and Lovinflame’s non-flammable fuel that will not burn without the wick — even if a candle falls to the floor and spills fuel all across the ground, the fire will stay contained at the wick.

With a flash point at 220ºF, Lovinflame is classified as a Class IIIB Combustible Liquid under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code), the least flammable level of classification. In contrast, ethanol’s flash point is just 55 ºF. In practice, this means Lovinflame Fuel can be safely stored and transported in unlimited quantities and is not regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Unlike ethanol fuel, which is classified as hazardous waste, Lovinflame is a degradable, water-soluble fuel that can be easily disposed of alongside normal household waste.

“We're really excited to bring our groundbreaking technology to Las Vegas as our first opportunity to truly showcase our products with a broader market. Lovinflame has created a never-before-seen approach to fire as ambience, using revolutionary technology that makes fire safer, cleaner, and easier to use; and it's wind-resistant and portable, too, enjoyable anywhere,” adds Elaina Lin, Marketing Manager. “We believe that designers and businesses in the patio and outdoors spaces will love this new and revolutionary line of products that blends modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology — it’ll be THE hot item everyone wants for their home as a way to enhance and redefine ambience in beautiful modern environments.”

What's more, all Lovinflame's thoughtfully architected products feature a lightweight and portable design for both indoor and outdoor use, perfect for setting the mood and for accenting various types of events.

Lovinflame's innovative candles, tabletop fire pits, and vent-free fireplaces are available for purchase in stores across the U.S. — visit Lovinflame’s website to find out more. Any dealers interested in partnering, please write us at

For more information, contact the Lovinflame team at or visit Lovinflame’s booth P2-5042 at Las Vegas Market.

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