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June 26, 2019 [Tokyo, Japan] — Lovinflame debuts in Japan at Design Tokyo, and its flagship product won the Grand Prix of Design Tokyo Product Awards 2019

Lovinflame is introducing its products for the first time in Japan at Booth A16-23 at Design Tokyo, Japan’s leading trade fair for “marketable” design products, where only products curated by a committee of top designers are showcased. Popularly known as a “must-see” exhibition amongst industry professionals, buyers come to source the latest “sophisticated yet functional products”. Hence, it’s a natural fit for Lovinflame’s patented burning system to debut at and an excellent opportunity to ignite some buzz in Japan around this new kind of fire.

Moreover, Lovinflame’s flagship product -- the Tabletop Fire Pit with Glass Guard -- has won the Grand Prix, the top prize of the Design Tokyo Product Awards! Out of 80 products, 9 were selected for the final screening, and of these 5 award winners and a Grand Prix have just been announced today, June 26, the first day of the show.

Lovinflame candles, fire pits, and fireplaces blend one-of-a-kind scientific innovation with sleek design, with wind-resistant and clean-burning features built in. Lovinflame’s patented burning system achieves near complete combustion without sacrificing the vivid brilliance of real fire — carving out a new category of fire for interior and exterior design use.

“We’re excited to be selected by top designers in Japan to debut our groundbreaking technology at Design Tokyo — our first time showcasing our products in the Japan market,” says Jane W. Wang, VP of Marketing at Lovinflame. “On top of that, we’re delighted to be honored with the top prize at Design Tokyo! There’s no better way to enter the Japanese market, one known worldwide for its premium taste and design.”

In addition to design, Lovinflame offers uniquely practical features. Most of the fire products sold in Japan are ethanol, gas, and wood-burning fireplaces, which create soot, pollute the air, and typically require a chimney. The installation cost can be quite high on top of requiring excessive maintenance. That’s where we provide a safer, easier, clean-burning alternative.

Unlike wood-burning fires that fill the air with carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and a host of other toxic emissions, Lovinflame’s decorative products are clean-burning, odorless, safe, and easy to refuel. The genius lies in the unique relationship between Lovinflame Fuel and the patented stainless steel wick – Lovinflame’s wick is designed to rapidly ignite the otherwise non-flammable Lovinflame Fuel that won’t ignite until reaching its exceptionally high flash point (104 ºC). Even if a Lovinflame candle falls and spills fuel across the ground, the fire will stay contained at the wick.

“Lovinflame has created a never-before-seen approach to fire as ambience and we’re glad those stopping by will get to experience the wonders of our revolutionary technology that makes fire safer, cleaner, and easier to use,” adds Ms. Wang. “We believe designers and businesses in the home, hospitality, and outdoor furnishing industries will love this new and revolutionary line of products that blends modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology — it’ll be the hot item people want as a way to enhance and redefine ambience in beautiful modern environments.”

With a flash point at 104 ºC, Lovinflame can be safely stored and transported in unlimited quantities, and therefore, as reference, is not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. In contrast to ethanol, which has a flash point of just 13ºC and is classified as hazardous waste, Lovinflame introduces a degradable, water-soluble fuel that can be easily disposed of alongside normal household waste.

All Lovinflame’s thoughtfully architected products feature a lightweight and portable design for both indoor and outdoor use, perfect for setting the mood and for accenting various types of events. Lovinflame’s innovative candles, tabletop fire pits, and vent-free fireplaces are available for purchase in stores across the U.S., South Korea, and soon in Japan — please visit to find out more.

For more information, contact us or visit Lovinflame’s booth (A16-23) at Design Tokyo.

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