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Our Story - What Inspired Lovinflame

Our story starts with a rocket scientist, who refused to be content with a fire that poisons us with carbon monoxide, is dangerous to use, and constantly blows out in the wind.

After tinkering with the inner mechanisms of fire for over a decade, he found a way to completely reconfigure the burning system.

His solution both achieves near complete combustion and produces a vibrant, orange flame, a combination that was believed to be impossible — until he proved otherwise.

William Home, Lovinflame’s chairman, knew it would be a great loss to humanity if this technology stayed in the dark. He leads a team whose mission is to bring the warmth and comfort of a real fire to people all over the world, without the harmful emissions or risk of flare-ups.



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of a flickering flame.

It does take a rocket scientist to reimagine the combustion process to produce a vibrant orange flame that is odorless, wind-resistant, and clean.

Innovation still remains central to the Lovinflame spirit. We are continuously exploring creative new ways to improve on the existing design — so our fire is always the hottest thing on the decorative flame market.


We strive to deliver a method of using fire safely, without sacrificing the intrinsic aesthetic elements that make fire so comforting. That’s why we’ve created a decorative flame product that releases clean emissions and is especially designed to significantly reduce risk of flare-ups.


To feel comforted by the soft glow of a fire is part of what makes us human — and, indeed, a flickering flame evokes an inner warmth that is nearly impossible to replicate. At Lovinflame, we are committed to bringing this fire-inspired ambience to people everywhere, making life just that much better.


The flexibility to move your fire between different corners of your life is central to the Lovinflame experience. We strive to make using fire as painless as possible with decorative flame products that are easy to set up, easy to ignite, and easy to move around.