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Showcasing Innovative Fire Across the Globe

At Lovinflame, we’re slowly making our way across the globe - igniting the fire one by one.

With the opportunity to introduce the revolutionary technology behind our innovative tabletop fire pits, fireplaces, and candles, Lovinflame was nothing short of a show stopper!

Korea Build, South Korea

Near the end of February, our Lovinflame team flew to Korea to exhibit at Korea Build, a global top exhibition and trade show focused on everything from architecture to construction products and services in the South Korea market. This was one of Lovinflame’s first trip to a foreign market − we had to prepare and translate materials to cater to the local audience. A worthwhile process given that we had a chance to present their revolutionary, vividly brilliant fire overseas for those to enjoy. After all − fire, beauty, and warmth, is appreciated universally. It was quite bustling at the booth there in Goyang, Korea, and many of the locals enjoyed learning more about our tabletop fire pits and vent-free fireplaces. Many were seeing these types of products for the first time, and were quite curious − wanting to learn more. There was a lot of interest from interior designers and home builders. 

NOOK Asia, Singapore

After an exciting debut in Korea, Lovinflame flew on over to Singapore, displaying at Nook Asia, held in conjunction with the ASEAN Furniture Show, part of the International Furniture Fair Singapore. The team was ecstatic to be at the award-winning venue, Marina Bay Sands, located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District − a perfect modern blend with our innovative fire products. In fact, we were the only exhibitor that showcased live decorative flames and the vibrancy of our fire caught many visitors and nearby booth’s attention. Due to the hotter climate in the region, the main hot item of the exhibition was our candles, particularly attracting visitors with the safety and clean-burning features.

There were many international visitors that stopped by to learn more about our flame technology, with those representing Australia, New Zealand, the United States, China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and other European countries. Interestingly, many Singaporeans asked if our fire pits could be used to heat food - as they like to keep their food hot and warm. It was quite a unique cultural exchange but we must advise that our products are not for heating up food! Although, they can be used for warming up the ambience while you enjoy your food. Many Southeast Asian customers were witnessing such types of fire products for the first time, and were especially intrigued by the clean-burning and wind-resistant features of our fire pits and fireplaces.

Following the hot showcases in Asia, Lovinflame went to HPBA’s….

HPB Expo, Dallas, Texas, USA

They say everything is bigger in Texas! That surely was the case with the HPBA show in Dallas this year. Held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, there was no shortage of extravagant displays. Lovinflame was able to introduce themselves and show that they belonged at the biggest Hearth show of the year!

With our patented stainless steel wick combined with our proprietary fuel, we demonstrated to the Hearth world why Lovinflame’s technology is the next greatest thing. Clients and competitors alike would walk by our booth and ask the same question, “Why are you allowed to burn fire inside?” We proudly explained this was due to using our ethanol-free fuel which releases no odors or toxic fumes, qualifying it as safe for not only outdoor use, but indoors as well.

Crowds stood by in amazement as we poured Lovinflame Fuel directly over the open flames of the tabletop fire pit, eliminating the flare-ups everyone is accustomed to. Instead, people witnessed the fuel actually extinguishing the fire. “That just doesn’t make sense!” One person from the crowd exclaimed in awe. 

Fireplaces Salon, Russia

Not long after, our Lovinflame team prepped for another debut at Fireplaces Salon in Russia. Most of our team wasn’t as familiar with Russian language and culture, so we had to do some extra preparation for our materials, training, and resources. At the show, many were intrigued and fascinated with the shape and beauty of the tabletop fire pit’s flames - as they had not seen such a fire pits and fireplaces before. Our innovative candles collection was also quite popular with the local crowd, especially the Passion candle set which features the detachable pedestal and metal Candle Trees, since the design was unique and special. After showcasing at the exhibition for a few days, Russia’s largest fireplaces magazine, Fireplaces & Heating, stopped by our booth to interview and feature us.

Sydney Home Show, Sydney, Australia

Lovinflame collaborated with Osmen Furniture at Sydney Home Show in Australia. With their great taste in outdoor furniture selections, it was the perfect combination with our fire decor, easily creating a relaxing ambience. Our fire caught the attention of may passing by - wondering - how could it be that our tabletop fire pits were allowed to burn? Since portable ethanol burners were banned in Australia due to the potential risks and dangers associated, our burning lively portable flames definitely piqued many people’s curiosity. 

Lovinflame is growing and expanding to new locations across the globe everyday. There is no doubt that Lovinflame technology is well on their way of igniting a new category of fire.