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Fire That Puts Us At Ease


Nobody is going to disagree with you if you say fire is useful.

But you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who agrees that fire is easy to use.

That’s a perception we’re trying to change. At Lovinflame, we believe that fire should be just as easy to use as it is beautiful. That’s why we’ve added an element of simplicity to harnessing the beauty of fire that perfectly matches the simple elegance of our flames.

Easy to fuel

Although we go the extra mile to make sure refueling our fireplaces and candles is as effortless as possible, the same cannot be said for other decorative flame products.

Managing a wood-burning fireplace requires constant vigilance. After you’ve stockpiled enough fire logs to keep your fire going, you also need to continuously add logs to the fire and even poke the fire to coax it back into life.

An ethanol burner presents no less of a headache. While ethanol burners don’t require constant vigilance in quite the same way as a wood-burning fireplace, anyone who is refueling an ethanol burner must take extra precaution to avoid accidents: Don’t refuel when the burner is hot. Don’t accidentally overfill the fuel tank. Don’t spill the fuel. And if you do spill the fuel, make sure it is completely wiped up before you turn on the burner.

We want to create a fire experience that allows the user to soak in all the comforting benefits of the soft vibrant glow of fire — without worrying about the peripheral details. In short, we think using fire should help put us at ease, not put us on edge.

Refueling a Lovinflame burner is absurdly simple. An opening on the fuel tank is designed to for easy refueling — and you can even add fuel to the tank while the fire is burning (but we’d advise you not to add fuel directly to the top of the flame).

What if you accidentally spill some fuel while refueling? Not a problem. The flames will not spread to spilled fuel when the surrounding temperature is under the flash point of 104 ºC / 220 ºF, so there’s no reason to cry over spilled Lovinflame Fuel.

Easy to install

Other decorative flame products are limited by how and where you can use them.

Because a wood-burning fireplace emits carbon monoxide and other toxic emissions, you need to hire a professional to make sure it’s properly ventilated — while natural gas fireplaces, a clean-burning alternative, can only function when connected to a gas line.

Not only are they complicated to install, both wood-burning and natural gas fireplaces put an acute limit on decoration possibilities.

Installing a Lovinflame fireplace, on the other hand, is so easy that ‘install’ isn’t even the right word. All you need to do is take the parts out of the box, put them together, and place your fireplace wherever your heart desires.

Easy to move

After you have installed a wood-burning or natural gas fireplace, moving it to a different location is out of the question. Lovinflame fireplaces are free-standing, lightweight, and can be moved between different locations on a whim, giving you flexibility to decorate your living space however you’d like.

Since our fireplaces are clean-burning, they can be safely used indoors for your comfort — and our innovative, wind-resistant technology also makes them a perfect accent to your outdoor decor as well.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing where to place your fireplace, you’re not the only one. Indeed, it’s hard to think of a scenario that would not be enhanced by a cheerfully blazing fireplace or candle.

Luckily, our fireplaces and candles are so easy to move that you could take them with you on your next adventure. Whether you find yourself on a mountainside lodge or relaxing next to the crashing waves, you can safely and easily bring Lovinflame along for the journey.

All the ambience, half the effort

Creating a relaxing ambience shouldn’t have to be so difficult. That’s why we’re bringing decorative flame products that are easy to fuel, easy to install, and easy to move. A cozy atmosphere without the headache — what’s not to love?