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How Our Flames Set the Right Mood

While humans may vary on their individual definitions of a “nice ambience”, we can all agree on one thing — there’s something undeniably pleasing about the rosy glow of a fire. Enjoying fire and all its comforts is part of what makes us human.

Despite its undeniable comforts, a burning fire has historically ushered in a host of unwelcome side effects. Wood-burning fires release copious amounts of carbon monoxide and other toxic emissions, while burners powered with bioethanol are at high risk of flare-ups — resulting in severe burn injuries and even death. 

Thanks to our particularly clever innovation, we have managed to reconfigure the inner mechanisms of fire so we can have the best of both worlds — the comforting glow of a flame, while keeping safety and peace of mind.

Wind-resistant and non-toxic, Lovinflame fireplaces and candles are the perfect addition to brighten up your next social occasion.

What kind of events and locales would benefit from a Lovinflame candle? We have a couple of ideas:

Outdoor Decor

There’s nothing quite like basking in the light of a candle or fireplace on a crisp evening. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine in your backyard garden or chatting with friends over dinner outside, the experience would be infinitely enhanced by a cheerfully blazing candle or fireplace.

The same is true for any meal enjoyed at a hotel or restaurant, but most businesses are reluctant to hire staff that are solely responsible for relighting candles or tending to the fire. Lovinflame candles and fireplaces create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere — without the extra hassle. They are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and easy to use. That means less time training staff and more time attending to guests.

Romantic Dinners

Nothing says ‘romance’ like a candlelit dinner for two.

Just imagine: Glimmering candles setting your faces aglow as you stare at each other over your meals, faces slightly warm from the wine, and hearts full of passion.

When, abruptly, a particularly forceful gust of wind rears its ugly head and snuffs the candle out in an instant. In the time it takes to fumble around for the lighter and reignite the candle, the moment is already gone.

Our wind-resistant candles might be all it takes to preserve that romantic atmosphere. Even as the wind blows out all other candles in its wake, our wind-resistant and odorless candles will continue to burn strong (unless you intentionally try to blow it out) — that means less time relighting your candle and more time enjoying the moment. 


What better way to profess your love than under the warm glow of a flickering flame? Guests will be absolutely smitten with the dancing flames (when they’re not smitten with your love of course).

For anyone planning a winter wedding, our free-standing fireplace or candles might be just the touch you need to fill the space with a warm and cozy atmosphere — even as the windows glaze over with an icy frost. Or why not for a summer wedding as well, to add to the lovely glow!

And, who knows, maybe our Lovinflame fire is exactly what your guests need to ignite passions of their own.

Beach-Side Relaxation

While there’s something special about sitting around a giant bonfire at the beach, sometimes you’re just not committed to gathering the kindling, digging a fire pit, and stockpiling fire logs.

Instead, bring a Lovinflame portable tabletop fireplace or candle along to your next beach-side extravaganza. All you’ll need to bring is your fireplace, Lovinflame Fuel, and a butane torch lighter. Enjoy the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, as our fires are burn cleanly and odorlessly.

Yoga and Meditation Practices

While using generic candles may set the right mood, they also release a fair amount of toxic emissions.

Breathe deeply — and with peace of mind — by lighting a Lovinflame candle instead. Our clean-burning flames create the mood to relax into each and every pose — and releases nothing more than water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The Mood is Just Waiting to Be Set

Are you ready to bring a little more ambience into your life? Take a look through our fireplace and candle collection to find the flame that catches your eye.

If you’re curious about how it works, read our article: “How Our Innovation is Making Fire Even Better”.