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Reflecting and Refueling Our Journey

Lovinflame’s decorative flame technology represents the fruits of a significant development process encompassing the research and experimentations of a rocket scientist.  In 2018, the Lovinflame brand was also recreated to better reflect our vision of redefining ambience through innovative flame technology that powers our well-crafted fireplaces and candles.

At the heart of Lovinflame’s sophisticated fire offerings is our patented stainless steel wick that has a burn time of more than 2,000 hours. With the combination of our wick with a lifetime warranty, and our Lovinflame Fuel that is ethanol-free, water-soluble, and non-toxic, those looking for a new kind of ambience can enjoy the warmth of our vividly brilliant flames with consistent ease and peace in mind.

It’s with the mission of bringing this wondrous invention to homes and hearths all over the world that the Lovinflame team has traveled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Moscow, and Taipei in 2018.  In addition to revisiting these locales, we also plan to stop by Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Mumbai, Sydney, Jakarta, and Dubai.  If we haven’t visited your city yet, feel free to reach out to us at or check out our Events page to see if we will in the future.

Great aspirations bring great adventures along the way.  We encountered celebrities; rebranded; recreated a website that will soon offer e-commerce functionality in multiple languages; ran photoshoots in overseas locations; shot a premium video that shows off our dancing flames in action; and brought on globally-minded team members to bring Lovinflame to towns and cities worldwide. While it’s all a work in progress, we have since launched in the U.S., with American homes welcoming our tabletop fireplaces, vent-free fireplaces, and ceramic candles.

It’s been an exciting journey in 2018, and we invite you to come along as we continue blazing forth in 2019!