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Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle
Opal Glass Candle


Opal Glass Candle

Opal comes with the rusty gold texture and elongated flame shape, making it suitable for interior home decoration and outdoor accompany as well. The graceful style also makes Opal as a good option for gifting.

∙ Clean-burning and non-toxic
∙ For outdoor and indoor enjoyment
∙ Lively and vividly orange flames
∙ Wind-resistant in gentle breezes

For your safety, only use with Lovinflame fuel.


Lovinflame fuel is not included. Don't forget to get the fuel to use with your innovative candles!

Buy Lovinflame Fuel

Lovinflame Opal Glass Candle | Tabletop Fire Pit

What makes the OPAL special?

Powered by Lovinflame Ethanol-free Fuel, Lovinflame’s "Opal" Glass candles produce vividly orange flames, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your living space. With its vibrant glow, the candles are sure to transform the ambience.

What's in the box?

  • Lovinflame Opal Glass Candle x 1
  • Snuffer x1 

We are Lovinflame
At Lovinflame, we envision a world where people can safely appreciate the cozy elegance of a flickering flame, while also keeping peace of mind.

Why is Our Flame Different?


Patented Stainless Steel Wick
Minimizes risks & flare-ups. Powered by Lovinflame Fuel that's Ethanol-free.


Lovinflame Fuel
Virtually emissions-free, emits water vapor & CO2.


Water-soluble fuel produces no odor, smoke, or soot while burning.


Used with 2000+ hours long life Patented Stainless Steel Wick.

Lovinflame Opal Glass Candles are Perfect for...

Outdoor Living, Events and Parties

Elevate your outdoor gatherings to a new level, with gorgeous flames that will uplift the atmosphere.

Restaurants and Hotels

Add a lively touch to special occasions and parties, where guests will feel energized by the vibrant glow.

Homes and Gardens

Whether in the living room or at the dining table, the OPAL Candle complements as a refreshing modern decor.

DISCLAIMER (Only Use With Lovinflame Fuel)

Even though Lovinflame decorative flame products present less risk than ethanol burners, users must always exercise extreme caution and make sure products are kept well out of reach of pets and children and away from flammable objects.