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Mountain Tabletop Fire Pit Bundle Set

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About the Product

Water-soluble fuel produces no odor or smoke while burning; releases mostly water vapor and CO2; safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Minimize risks of flare-ups. Start flames safely with Lovinflame's unique and ethanol-free fuel. It ignites only with our stainless steel wick while significantly reducing accidents from fuel spills.

2000+ hours long life patented wick, no replacement needed. Create mesmerizing and wind-resistant orange flame. For your safety, it is imperative to only use with our water-soluble and non-toxic Lovinflame Fuel.

The easy to use and portable fire pit that won't blow out easily. It can create an inviting atmosphere and warm comfort inside and outside your home.

Includes manufacturer's 1-Year Warranty for the whole unit and 5-Year Warranty on the stainless steel wick.

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Classy/ Modern

The fit and finish of this fire pit is exceptional.It truly is classy/modern looking.I think the stainless wick is awesome and eliminates a lot of possible hassles with adjusting and changing wicks.This is the perfect size for tabletop and I do not feel like any additional glass guard is needed.The price seemed high at first but the quality justifies it.There is a coupon included for some free fuel.I am pleased and I would buy again. 5 STARS

William Kang


Great quality product! Easy to use and gives peace of mind especially around young kids!

"I had purchased this portable fireplace in preparation for setting up our outdoor space for the summer. I bought this not really sure what to expect. I hadn't seen it in store and I didn't know anyone that had one. I like to do my research so I learned of Lovinflame from the design awards that they've won. I was curious about the 'safe fuel' that they have because I have a 4 year old running around.

When I took the thing out of the box, I was impressed with the build quality. It really feels stable with a nice weight. I followed the instructions to fill the fuel, wet the 'wick', and fire it up. The first time I set up the product, I think it needed to be 'primed'. I held the lighter to the wick for a few seconds to have it catch light. Once the light spread through the length of the wick, the fire settled into a nice stabile flicker. After this initial light, the fireplace lights up much quicker than the first time using it.

Initially the reason I had bought this was for the occasional outdoor entertaining situations. But recently I've found that my family and I spend quality time turning off our TV and devices after dinner to sit around the fire and talk. Its a nice little added feature in the product I guess.

In the end, I haven't had to make use of the safety feature yet, but I have spilled some of the fuel on the table. There's something nice about knowing its water soluble and I could just wipe it up pretty easily. The pieces feel solid and I will eventually be bringing this outside once the weather gets better. I also got a candle sized piece to keep indoors but now I think I'm going to have to pick up a few for each room!"

Shopping Crazy Woman


Great for Ambience

So relaxing. Worked great as centerpiece for my outdoor patio table. Easy to assemble and light!



it gives warm and romantic vibes

Lovinflame is an amazing brand, and they make good quality tabletop fire pits and metal candles. This one is a great size, and it gives off plenty of warmth when used outside in cold weather. I love my fire pit. We are going to make smores this weekend with it. It is great to use on apartment balcony/terrace spaces. It is safe to use, and the fuel is affordable.

Amazon Customer


Cool fire feature.

Works as advertised. The flame is bigger than expected. Fun way to have real fire.

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Fire Made Smarter and Safer

Lovinflame, Inc. is redefining fire — introducing vividly brilliant decorative flames that are wind-resistant and clean-burning, using water-soluble, non-toxic, ethanol-free fuel that only ignites when reaching flash point 220°F / 104°C - achieved swiftly when paired with our patented stainless steel wick.

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