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Burner Insert
Burner Insert
Burner Insert
Burner Insert
Burner Insert
Burner Insert

Burner Insert

Use Lovinflame’s fireplace burner insert to seamlessly integrate our patented burning system into any of your customized fireplace or fire pit designs. Our vividly brilliant flames can be safely burned both indoors and outdoors, serving as an elegant addition to any decor scheme.

∙ Lightweight, free-standing, and portable 
∙ For outdoor and indoor ambience 
∙ Lively and vividly orange flames 
∙ Wind-resistant in gentle breezes

For your safety, only use with Lovinflame Fuel.

Experience fire on all levels

The innovated Lovinflame burning system will certainly embellish your fireplace unit. Design, decorate, and create freely knowing that the final masterpiece decor will be a beautiful complement to the vividly, brilliant fire.

Existing Fireplaces

Easily integrate the Lovinflame burner insert into your existing fireplace. No need for complicated installations.

Fire Tables

If you are a manufacturer or dealer, try having the exclusive Lovinflame burner insert in your next fire table design. The dash of technological innovation will upsell your offerings.

Designer Fire

Creatives are welcomed to design around the flame technology. Seamlessly incorporate via the burner insert — giving you an innovative edge with our wind-resistant and clean-burning flames.

Product NameBurner Insert 180Burner Insert 240
Model No.TES50100TES40100
Fuel Tank
SS 304 Stainless Steel with borosilicate windshield panelsSS 304 Stainless Steel with borosilicate windshield panels
Maximum Fuel Capacity
1L (33.8 oz.)2L (67.6 oz.)
Burn Time
3.3 hours max if filled with 1L (33.8 oz.)4 hours maximum if filled with 2L (67.6 oz.)
Thermal Output
8,000 BTU/hr12,000 BTU/hr
15.9" (L) x 6" (W) x 3.94" (H)20" (L) x 7.4" (W) x 3.94" (H)
4.54 lbs6.19 lbs
Contents1 Burner Insert 1 Snuffer1 Burner Insert 1 Snuffer

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Fire Made Smarter and Safer

Lovinflame, Inc. is redefining fire — introducing vividly brilliant decorative flames that are wind-resistant and clean-burning, using water-soluble, non-toxic, ethanol-free fuel that only ignites when reaching flash point 220°F / 104°C - achieved swiftly when paired with our patented stainless steel wick.

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